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Mayors and Vice-Mayors since 1946

Assignments and Functions

The mayor of Graz does not just deal with matters within the city and environs. He or she also serves as an agent to the federal and regional administrations and, moreover, is also responsible for the administration of the city district authorities.

Current Mayor: Mag. Siegfried Nagl (since March 27, 2003)
Mayor Mag. Siegfried Nagl 
Mayor Mag. Siegfried Nagl

1988: MA Degree for Social and Economic Studies
1988: General Manager of the family business Klammerth Co.
1992: Acting partner at Klammerth Co.
1996: Chair of the Initiative for Central Graz

Political Functions:
1996: Deputy Chair of the Österreichischer Wirtschaftsbund, (Austrian SME Union), Graz branch.
1997: Deputy Chair of the Österreichischer Wirtschaftsbund, (Austrian SME Union), Styrian branch.
1998 - 2003 City Counselor for Finance, Real Estate, Culture and Agriculture
Since January 2000 Chairman of ÖVP (Austrian People's Party) Graz
Since 2002 Chairman of the Austrian Communal Political Association
Since 2003 Mayor of Graz


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