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Coventry (England)

Partner city since 1957

Coventry: Cathedral ruins © G-Man, wikipedia 
Coventry: Cathedral ruins © G-Man, wikipediaCoventry: Cathedral ruins © G-Man, wikipedia

Country: England
Region: West Midlands

Lord Mayor
Michael Hammon
Council House, Earl Street, Coventry CV1 5RR
Phone: +44/2476/83 3100
Fax: +44/2476/83 3078

Internet platform:

Partnership with Graz
Coventry has been a Graz partner city since 1957. The origins of the friendship between Graz and Coventry go back to the time after WWII - as early as spring 1948, just three years after the end of the war when Graz was the largest city of the British occupation zone in Styria and seat of the "Allied Provincial Government", a delegation from Graz was invited to visit this Midlands city. The invitation marked the beginning of the friendship between the two cities that was officially sealed with the City Partnership Agreement in 1957, two years after the ratification of the Austrian State Treaty and the end of the British occupation of Styria.

Coventry today
Coventry is an English industrial city located in Metropolitan County in the West Midlands. One of Coventry's characteristics is that it is further from the coast than any other British city.
In 1955, the city was the first to receive the newly-founded Europe Prize for its outstanding efforts to promote European integration.


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