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Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Partner city since 1994

Old town of Dubrovnik © gari.baldi, wikipedia 
Old town of Dubrovnik © gari.baldi, wikipediaOld town of Dubrovnik © gari.baldi, wikipedia

Country: Croatia
County: Dubrovnik-Neretva

Andro Vlahušić
Pred Dvorom 1
20000 Dubrovnik

Phone: +385/20/35 1800
Fax: +385/20/321 033

Internet platform:


Partnership with Graz
Dubrovnik has been a Graz partner city since 1994. The city partnership between Dubrovnik and Graz was concluded by mayors Nikola Obuljen and Alfred Stingl on October 25th, 1994.
At that time, the project partnership mostly aimed at expressing support for the Croatian city.

Dubrovnik today
The city of Dubrovnik lies in a southern exclave of Croatia at the Adriatic Sea. Due to its cultural heritage and the special political status it held over centuries, Dubrovnik is also referred to as "Pearl of the Adriatic Sea" or the "Croatian Athens". In 1979, the entire old town of Dubrovnik was put on the UNESCO world heritage list.
Today, Dubrovnik is the administrative seat of the county Dubrovnik-Neretva and seat of the Catholic diocese of Dubrovnik.
The city of Dubrovnik was one of the centres of the linguistic and literary development of Croatia and has brought forth many important Croatian poets, artists, scholars, mathematicians and physicians. In fact, Dubrovnik is still considered a cultural centre of modern-day Croatia.
Over centuries, Dubrovnik remained an independent city republic that maintained trade relations with large parts of South-Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. Its motto Libertas (Latin: freedom) is still frequently displayed next to the name of the city and was also chosen as the name of the Dubrovnik Festival of music and theatre.


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