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Groningen (Netherlands)

Partner city since 1964

Museum in Groningen © EivindJ, wikipedia 
Museum in Groningen © EivindJ, wikipediaMuseum in Groningen © EivindJ, wikipedia

Province: Groningen
Seat of municipality: Groningen

Peter den Oudsten
Postbus 20001
9700 PB Groningen

Phone: +31/50/367 7602
Fax: +31/50/367 7751  

Internet platform:



Partnership with Graz:
Groningen became a Graz partner city in 1964. The foundation of this friendship was personally laid by Mayor Gustav Scherbaum, who was one of the children invited to Holland for an extended holiday after the war at the initiative of the city of Groningen. In the spring of 1965, the Dutch Broadcasting Cooperation made a television programme about the lives of these children, during the course of which Mayor Gustav Scherbaum met Jan Tuin, then Mayor of Groningen, and the two embarked on a city partnership.
The Karl Franzens University in Graz and the Rijksuniversität in Groningen are also partner institutions in the Erasmus student exchange programme.

Groningen today:
As a trading centre of the northern Netherlands, Groningen today has a culturally significant medieval old town, where the many "hofjes" used to offer shelter for pilgrims, the old and the sick. At the same time, the city is one of the youngest in the Netherlands. Groningen is an innovative city that grows continuously and has a student population of 46,000, many thousands of them German. Half the city's population is younger than 35. In addition to the many young faces, the city's appearance is characterised by bicycles due to its excellent network of cycling paths. Most of its main streets have separate cycling routes. A delegation from Graz visited Groningen in 2007 to study its cycling network. Groningen can also be explored by boat.
The city has a beautiful historic centre ("de Grote Markt") with many pedestrian zones.


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