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Maribor (Slovenia)

Partner city since 1987

The Maribor´s quarter Lent © Andrej Jakobčič, wikipedia 
The Maribor´s quarter Lent © Andrej Jakobčič, wikipediaThe Maribor´s quarter Lent © Andrej Jakobčič, wikipedia

Country: Slovenia
Region: Podravska (Drava region)  

Dr. Andrej Fištravec
Ulica heroja Staneta 1
2000 Maribor

Tel.: +386/2/2201-206
Fax: +386/2/2201-207

Internet platform:


Partnership with Graz
Maribor became a Graz partner city in 1987.
Due to the geographical proximity of the two cities, there are always plenty of reasons and opportunities for an exchange of opinion. On October 22nd, 1987, Emil Tomazic, President of the Maribor Citizens' Assembly, and Mayor of Graz Alfred Stingl ratified an official city partnership agreement with the goal of not only maintaining but extending the friendly relations between the citizens of the two cities.

Maribor today
Maribor is the second-largest city in Slovenia and a Roman Catholic archbishopric located on the shores of the Drava River. Maribor was named as an Alpine City in 2000 and chosen as European Capital of Culture for 2012 by the Council of the European Union.



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