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Pula (Croatia)

Partner city since 1972

Pula, aerial view © Orlovic, Wikipedia 
Pula, aerial view © Orlovic, WikipediaPula, aerial view © Orlovic, Wikipedia

Country: Croatia
Region: Istria

Boris Miletić
Forum 1
52100 Pula

Phone: +385/52/371 710
Fax: +385/52/222 990

Internet platform:


Partnership with Graz
Pula became a Graz partner city in 1972.
The partnership was primarily born out of practical motivations. Prior to WWII, the city of Graz ran a children's home in Istria that was dispossessed after the war. In 1956, an arrangement was made for Graz-based children who were in need of a holiday to be accommodated in a holiday home in Pula. In 1972, the official city partnership agreement was ratified. In 2003, Mayors Dr. Luciano Del Bianco and Siegfried Nagl signed an additional document confirming the further development of the friendly ties between the two cities in view of the Croatian efforts to join the European Union.

Pula today
With a population of 82,000, Pula is the largest city in Istria and its cultural, economic and political centre. Like the rest of the region, Pula is well-known for its mild climate, calm sea and untouched nature. The city has a long wine-making, fishing, ship-building and tourism tradition.


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