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St. Petersburg (Russia)

Partner city since 2001

St. Petersburg, Peter and Paul Cathedral © Wikipedia, GerardM 
St. Petersburg, Peter and Paul Cathedral © Wikipedia, GerardMSt. Petersburg, Peter and Paul Cathedral © Wikipedia, GerardM

Country: Russia
Federal district: North-West Russia  

Georgi Sergejewitsch Poltawtschenko
191060 St. Petersburg

Phone: +7/812-315-9883

Internet platform:


Partnership with Graz
St. Petersburg became a Graz partner city in 2001 and the partnership was sealed with a cooperation contract between Graz and St. Petersburg in July 2001. The artistic axis Graz- St. Petersburg remains highly active, with a lively exchange between many artists' organisations - Valery Gergiev, star conductor at the world-famous Mariinsky Theatre, has visited Graz several times with his ensemble.

St. Petersburg today
St. Petersburg (re-named Leningrad from 1924 until 1991), is Russia's second-largest city after Moscow with a population of 4.8 million and also one of the largest cities in Europe. St. Petersburg is situated at the estuary of the Neva River and is the northernmost metropolis in the world. From the 18th until the 20th century, the city was the capital of the Russian Empire and it remains a cultural centre of European-wide importance as well as the location of the most important Baltic seaport in Russia. Its centre is a UNESCO world cultural heritage site.



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