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Timisoara (Romania)

Partner city since 1982

Timisoara © Radufan, wikipedia 
Timisoara © Radufan, wikipediaTimisoara © Radufan, wikipedia

Country: Romania
District: Timiș

Prof. Dr. Nicolae Robu
Municipiul Timişoara
Bd. C.D. Loga Nr.1
300030 Timişoara

Phone: +40/256-408 300
Fax: +40/256-490 635  

Internet platform:


Partnership with Graz
Timisoara became a Graz partner city in 1982.
The relations between the two cities began in 1976 and intensified over the years until the official friendship protocol was ratified in 1982.
In 2006, the friendship between the Timisoara and Graz was revived. Currently, a new version of the partnership document is being drawn up.

Timisoara today
Timisoara is Romania's second-largest city and the economic and cultural centre of the Banat region in western Romania. Timisoara is located in the border triangle between Romania, Hungary and former Yugoslavia. It is decidedly western in character and has a small, but precious old town. The city is home to 21 ethnic groups and 17 religions.



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