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Trieste (Italy)

Partner city since 1973

Palazzo del Governo, Trieste © Wikipedia, Johann Jaritz 
Palazzo del Governo, Trieste © Wikipedia, Johann JaritzPalazzo del Governo, Trieste © Wikipedia, Johann Jaritz

Country: Italy
Region: Friuli-Venezia-Julia

Roberto Dipiazza
Municipio di Trieste

Piazza Unità d´Italia 4
34121 Trieste

Phone: +39/040/6754400

Internet platform:



Partnership with Graz
Trieste became a Graz partner city in 1973.
The friendship between Trieste and Graz goes back far into the times of the Habsburg monarchy. The strongest link between the two cities - in every sense of the word - was the former imperial southern railway line that linked Vienna and Trieste. Until 1918, it was usual for students from Trieste to attend university in Graz. The official city partnership was ratified on May 22, 1973 under former mayors Marcello Spaccini and Gustav Scherbaum.

Trieste today
Trieste is a Catholic bishopric. It has two well-known observatories for astronomy and geo-physics and was given its own university in 1924. The headquarters of global coffee manufacturer illycaffè S.p.A. and of the Generali insurance group are based here. The city is also home to the Lloyd Triestino shipping company (formerly Austrian Lloyd).
The level that the Central European "altitudes above the Adriatic Sea" refer to is also set here. After 1945, Yugoslavia laid claim to the city and its multilingual environs and Trieste occupied a geographical fringe position throughout the decades of the East-West conflict. The disadvantages of its border position and the loss in economic importance only reversed in 2004, when Slovenia joined the EU. In cultural terms, however, Trieste remained a place where different cultures, languages, ethnic and religious groups mingled even in the 20th century.


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