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On the banks of the Mur

Banks of the Mur - always a good place for relaxation | Photo: Graz Tourismus 
Banks of the Mur - always a good place for relaxation | Photo: Graz Tourismus

Over a quarter of a million people ... 
... have already chosen Graz as the central location in their lives, and no end is in sight to this growing trend. There is no one single reason why Graz is so popular, since a host of positive factors all play their part. But each one of these reasons can be summed up in a single word: uniqueness. Sustaining and developing this quintessential Graz quality is the most important task faced by City policy and administration. It is the challenge of ensuring for the future that everyone will continue to find and experience everything that makes life so attractive for them here.

The success of this forward-looking initiative ...
... has been well documented in each of its many aspects. Organisations and guests from around the world - and not forgetting the people of Graz themselves - are of one mind in seeing this manageable sized metropolis on the banks of the River Mur as a capital city in all kinds of ways. What some have in mind here is the city of the arts and sciences, others are drawn by the pleasures of life or the sheer wealth of design alive in all its many aspects here. Whatever the focus, virtually everyone values and uses the immense and daily growing variety Graz provides.

Some 7,000 Graz municipal employees ... 
... take good care that everything runs smoothly in the life of the Styrian capital with the efforts they put in day and night, summer and winter. Services, products and infrastructure provisions are continuously improved and further developed. The Graz City Administration is not only hard working, it is also acknowledged as one of the most innovative in Europe.

Wether people born and bred in Graz ...
... going about their daily work, the students busy with wide-ranging studies, or the festival audiences that flock here regularly and from afar every year, what all these people need and value extends far beyond the protected historic city centre or the Mediterranean flair of the city. Graz would not be what it is without the framework conditions on which everything is based, even if we do not always notice them. The City of Graz is committed to ensuring all these fundamental services are of the best possible standard.

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