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What is the Migrant Advisory Council?

The Migrant Advisory Council represents the political interests of migrants in Graz.
The aim of the Migrant Advisory Council is to safeguard and protect the interests of migrants in Graz and to encourage a harmonious coexistence among all sections of the population of Graz.

 The Migrant Advisory Council consists of nine members (not EU citizens) who are elected directly and secretly by migrants in Graz at the same time as the City Council and for the same election period.


What are the tasks of the Migrant Advisory Council?

One of the most important tasks of the Advisory Council is to advise administrators and politicians at the municipal level. Within the scope of the statutory powers, the task of the Council is to advise the public bodies of the city of Graz by means of suggestions, recommendations and statements.

What is more, the work of the Migrant Advisory Council focuses on migrants in Graz, which is why we see close cooperation with and contact to associations and facilities as an important task.


How the Advisory Council works:

The members of the Migrant Advisory Council meet once or twice a month and also work in committees. The meetings of the Migrant Advisory Council are public. Anyone interested can take part as a guest.

The Migrant Advisory Council organises events in various spheres such as culture, sports, politics, education and social affairs. The aim is to encourage intercultural exchange, to increase migrant integration opportunities, and to improve coexistence among local people and migrants.

The Migrant Advisory Council does not provide advice in individual cases. The focus of its work is on dealing with the affairs that concern migrants in general (e.g. the housing situation).

The office of the Migrant Advisory Council:

The office is responsible for managing the Migrant Advisory Council and provides assistance to committees and Council members in their activities.
Members of the Migrant Advisory Council can be contacted through the office.  


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