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This club welcomes all expatriates

CINT assists companies seeking to employ skilled staff from abroad


CINT is an ongoing success: for almost three years now, Club International (CINT) has been assisting the experts from its member companies in all challenges of day-to-day life in their new home country. Club International stands for information, advice and social networking and contributes significantly to boosting the international profile of Styria as a business location.
More and more Austrian companies are drawing on staff from abroad - and once they have got the right staff, they want to hang on to them. According to an internal survey, an average of fifteen per cent of the workforce of CINT member firms are from abroad - and that figure is rising all the time! So international recruiting is all the trend; however, this poses numerous challenges not only to the companies, but also to the experts recruited from abroad and their families. Among the Styrian member firms are AVL List GmbH, Magna Steyr, SSI Schäfer PEEM, AMS AG, NXP or Knapp AG.

Building social ties
"A business location aiming to increase its international profile needs a welcoming culture. We are pleased to say that we now number thirty member companies and that we are able to look after the needs of more than 250 internationals from thirty-five nations", as CINT managing director Nicole Niederl emphasises. "Not only are we the first port of call for information and advice, we also provide a platform for building social ties."

Easing the transition
To make it easier for people to acclimatise themselves to living in Styria and to help foreign experts feel at home as quickly as possible and, above all, to stay as long as possible, "Club International" was founded in 2011 on the initiative of the Business Department of the City of Graz in collaboration with WKO Styria, the Styrian Federation of Industries, and Steirische Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft mbH.

The family factor
A study commissioned by CINT shows that the biggest problems are language barriers, going to the authorities, finding a suitable school or nursery, finding a flat, and social networking. Eighty per cent of respondents felt alone when they first came to Graz and Styria. What is more, special emphasis is on assisting partners - after all, their satisfaction and well-being have a major influence on whether the family stays or goes back to their home country.

Location attractiveness
CLUB INTERNATIONAL has meanwhile become a major infrastructure facility. On the one hand, CINT makes a significant contribution to increasing the appeal of the location for international experts and provides added value in terms of recruiting. On the other hand, it assists local companies with regard to staff retention.

Sonja Tautscher

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