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Traffic Connections

Whether by plane, rail, bus or car - Graz is easy to reach from every direction. Once you’re in the city, our excellent public transport system will conveniently get you from A to B. The many bicycle paths will delight the "cyclopaths" among you, while the pedestrian zones in the centre and Graz's road safety policies are sure to please those of you who prefer to travel on foot rather than wheels.

Graz by car
Graz lies at the intersection of the A2 South and the A9 Pyhrn motorways. The A9 will get you down to Maribor, Slovenia, in no time, while Hungary is also only a stone’s throw away from the city.
Map of the City
Parking garages in Graz
Short-term parking zone (German)


Graz by train and bus
As an important junction between Central and South-eastern Europe, Graz is the hub for many national and international train and bus connections. For more information on transport services, you can click the links below: 
Trains to Graz are operated either by the ÖBB (Austrian National Railways) or by the GKB, the Graz-Köflach Railway. You’ll find information about bus travel at Verkehrsverbund or at Mobil Zentral.


Graz by plane 
Each year Graz Airport reports increasing numbers of scheduled as well as chartered flights. You can find everything you need to know about Graz airport and airspace at the link below.
Graz-Thalerhof Airport


Public transport in Graz
A network of trams and buses will take you from one place in the city to another with ease. You can find everything you need to know about routes, stops, times and fares at:
Holding Graz Linien (trams and buses) (German)

Graz on foot
A expansive pedestrian zone in the center of the city and a strict policy of traffic safety make Graz idea for those who prefer to explore new places on foot. This is, of course, a pretty healthy and eco-friendly way to get around, but we don't want you to lose your way. The link to the map of the city below should help you find your feet.
Graz by bicycle
Graz has a network of cycle paths stretching no less than 106 kilometres all over the city.
One of the most popular routes is the Murradweg along the river Mur, which goes straight through Graz and extends all the way through Styria, connecting the towns of Murau (in Upper Styria) and Radkersburg (to the south-east of Graz). A good number of streets in Graz have well-marked bicycle lanes.

As early as 1980, the City of Graz Council decided to initiate an ambitious plan for a dense network of footpaths and cycleways. The system was to consist of 190 kilometres of paths. Today, a great part of this ambitious project has already been put into practice, and the city aims to further increase the proportion of people travelling by bicycle within the city. Our representatives feel that this is a necessary step towards living up to the high ecological and aesthetic demands of our guests and residents.

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