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The Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of Graz

The colors of the city of Graz are white and green, and therefore the city's coat of arms shows a silver panther on a green background. The panther has golden claws; he is rearing, striding toward the viewer’s left, and spewing fire. In places of the horns of the Styrian Panther, the Graz Panther wears a trifoliate golden crown, signifying the city’s royal heritage. The official city seal contains the emblem of the panther (with the inscription "Regional Capital Graz.") The city’s flag consists of a white and green background with the city’s emblem in the middle. The city’s flagpoles are also crowned with the panther.

The Coat of Arms of Styria

We again find the panther, here on a green gothic triangular shield . He is striking a baroque pose and his shield is topped with the crown of the Styrian archdukes. In this form, the panther becomes a more mythical creature. Spitting fire, he has the head of a horse, the mane and tail of a lion, hind legs thick with fur, the short horns of a bull and razor-sharp claws. The figure originates from the Physiologus, a book of natural history from the second century.

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