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City of Graz Integration Department, which was established on 3rd November 2005 to coordinate and implement integration measures, seeks to support the integration and participation of all people living in Graz.

The integration strategy enacted by Graz Municipal Council in 2015 represents the programmatic guideline for political measures concerning integration and projects in Graz.

The City of Graz - incidentally, the first Human Rights City in Europe since 2001 - understands integration as a cross-sectional task concerning almost all sectors of administration and coexistence in the city. The integration department is a point of contact and partner for all local authorities dealing with overall issues of integration, endeavouring to support and advise municipal offices and facilities, as well as other institutions and organisations in the field of migration, integration and intercultural coexistence. An additional objective is to point out weaknesses and deficiencies in the existing system from the viewpoint of those affected.


Integration Department is responsible for the following tasks:

  • to play a leading role in implementing the integration strategy of the City of Graz
  • to support the intercultural orientation of the city's administration through counselling, events / further education courses and co-operation projects
  • to act as an interface between municipal authorities and organisations, associations, self and interest group representations, initiatives and groups as well as all interested residents
  • to create a network between existing services in the city
  • to initiate projects and measures in the field of migration and integration
  • to promote public relations by means of scientific papers, participation in events and provision of information material
  • to foster interreligious dialogue
  • to subsidise intercultural projects and integration measures

City of Graz Integration Department (Integrationsreferat der Stadt Graz)
Keesgasse 4, ground floor, 8010 Graz
Phone: +43 316 872-7480

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