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Graz is mourning


Telephone number Red Cross: 14844
Telephone number Landeswarnzentrale: 130

On the Saturday of the 20th June 2015, at around midday, a horrendous incident occurred in the city centre of Graz, triggering a red alert and shocking the city to its core. A maniac used his car as a weapon, purposely running into people. The perpetrator is in custody. According to current information, three people have lost their lives. Another three are still fighting for their survival. A total of 36 people were injured by this terrible and incomprehensible crime.

The people of Graz will continue to mourn Saturday's victims for a long time to come. This sadness will be kept clearly visible until next Sunday. A black flag has been raised at the clock tower and signs pointing the way into Graz have been draped in black cloth. Thousands of candles are burning in the city centre. A memorial march on the 28th of June will lead though the city centre, officially marking the end of these day of remembrance.

We ask visitors to Graz

... to show understanding. There may be restrictions in the area between Herrengasse and the main square. A memorial march through the city is also planned for the coming Sunday, 28th June and we expect many people to take part. We are sorry that our visitors will not be able to fully experience the beauty and light-heartedness that is otherwise so characteristic of Graz.  

Schlossberg and the areas outside of the city centre will not be visibly affected by the events.

A donations account has been opened for the victims of the attack and their relatives

Three people have lost their lives. 36 were injured. Seven were seriously injured and three people remain in a life-threatening condition. These people were the innocent victims of a horrendous and incomprehensible crime. Today, the following donations account was opened for the victims and their relatives.

Account: Steiermärkische Bank und Sparkassen AG - Stadt Graz
Hilfsfonds für die Opfer der Amokfahrt in Graz (relief fund for the victims of the car attack in Graz)
IBAN: AT 46 2081 5000 4056 7521

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