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City of Skills

Bgm. Siegfried Nagl © Stadt Graz/Fischer
Bgm. Siegfried Nagl© Stadt Graz/Fischer

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Honoured Guests,

Welcome in Graz - the city of skills 2020!

As the mayor of the provincial capital that has the youngest population in all of Austria and is the economic motor of the whole region, I am particularly happy about hosting this outstanding event in our city.
Excellence comes as no coincidence. Truly mastering a skill requires not only countless hours of practice and discipline, but also dedication and, most importantly, passion. Just as athletes work and train towards competitions like the Olympic Games, the participants of the EuroSkills come together at the pinnacle of their vocational training to match their skills with their peers and to compete for a medal. Whatever their results will be, they will all leave this city as winners. They will have made new friends, they will have learned from one another and they will have challenged themselves to give their best at a given moment - they will have created invaluable memories for a lifetime.
We as the city of Graz are dedicated to these young people and are very passionate about creating a fantastic experience for them. Therefore, I thank everyone who is contributing to the planning and implementation of the EuroSkills 2020.

Siegfried Nagl
Mayor of the City of Graz

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